/ Workshops


Sometimes you just need an (experienced!) ear to bounce your ideas off… if you’re feeling a little ‘stuck’ with your product or business idea, aren’t sure ‘where to now’ or just want to pick our brains and tap into years of experience, then these sessions are for you!

/ Tailored mini strat sessions to help you find your way along your brand or business journey

/ Leapfrog your idea to the next stage of commercialisation with real-life, practical advice and experience sharing from some peeps who have been doing it a long time

/ Sessions held face-to-face at /The Brand Maketh HQ in North Melbourne, or via Skype or phone chat (if workable).

COST:  $500 for 1 hour*

*additional hours charged at $450

Questions? Shoot us a note at thebrandmaketh@gmail.com

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