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/ We sell a packet of Moxie product every thirty seconds. Curious yet?

We took a stagnant, mature category dominated by large multi-nationals, and launched a true disruptor.

With existing feminine hygiene products on the market at the time perceived to be clinical, unfashionable and inconvenient (almost every woman has a horror story about a tampon box breaking open in her bag), we saw an opportunity to create a brand that delivered not only quality and convenience, but also style and femininity beyond the competitive set.

Moxie products are made using the highest quality materials we can find, and come complete in super cute recyclable (and reusable) purse-worthy tin compacts that prevent the products falling out of your handbag. But it’s about more than just tampons and pads in pretty looking packs.

Other players were mostly competing on price, almost commoditising the market. We knew we couldn’t compete head on – their pockets were much deeper than ours – so we took a completely different approach and instead fought on brand, in turn creating a new ‘premium’ segment in the market where we could more freely play. In an industry where products are deemed a grudge purchase, we created a brand and an identity that women connected with because WANTED TO and not because they HAD TO.

Moxie stemmed from a mere idea and we’ve since supported it through every step of its life cycle, from conceptualisation to commercialisation. Over the last twelve years, we’ve sunk our teeth into packaging and product design, to ad campaign development to customer relationship management with some of the world’s largest retailers. We understand every element of what it takes to not only bring a brand to life, but to insulate it from tough competition and secure it for future business growth and success. And, we’re pretty stoked at the results.

We’ve sold millions upon millions of products and are proud to have created a tribe of thousands upon thousands of ‘Moxettes’ from Australia, to the US, Europe, Asia and beyond; even amongst such major competitor brands, Moxie has truly cemented itself as a credible player, with ranging in major supermarkets, pharmacies and independent outlets all over the world.

Learn more about Moxie here: www.moxie.com.au