/ What

We’ve done the hard yards and learned the hard way (through years of running our own brand) so that you don’t have to…

We can help you define:

/   WHERE the gaps of opportunity lie within a category or industry 

/   WHAT you can offer

/   WHO you can offer it to, and;

/   HOW you’ll offer it to them

Here are just a few specifics we think we’re pretty good at:

 Identifying viable gaps and opportunities for disruption through deep category and competitor analysis

/   Identifying and defining your potential target audience

/   Brand identity, development and strategy, including…

/   Finding your unique selling proposition (USP) and building a truly unique personality around it, including brand name, brand positioning, core brand values and tone of voice

/   Marketing strategy

/   Commercialisation strategy, including: sales and pricing modelling, distribution planning, sales forecasting and launch timelines

/   Briefing/pitching to retailers

/   New product and brand extension conceptualisation/development

/   Brand asset production: logos, packaging design, web design and other creative assets

/   Ongoing brand management

/   Product sourcing

/   Product compliance/regulatory requirements (barcodes, industry regulations, etc).

/   Supplier briefing and management

/   Trademarks: recommendations and filing

/   Facilitating market research programs

/   Coaching/Mentoring

We’re not an agency, but we do like to immerse ourselves and be part of your team. We act much like a marketing department would; we do most of the work ourselves and outsource to our broad network of super-talents where we need to. We can also step in and out of the process at any point or as you need.

We’ve got a fair chunk of experience with FMCG, but have also (successfully!) worked with non-FMCG brands and even services. We’re open to a challenge if you’ve got one…

Think we can help? We’d love to try. We’ll tailor a proposal for you that best suits your needs, focusing on the areas where we think we can add value beyond the heap of awesome you’ve already done/are doing (if there is no awesome yet don’t worry – we’ll help you create some!). Hit us up!