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/ We are a Melbourne-based twosome with a thirst for developing (or reviving) and launching brands. We’re marketers by trade, but our day jobs see us making tampons for a living. Well, that’s what we tell people – but it’s more than that…

With a combined 40+ years’ experience between us in both sales and marketing roles for major multi-national companies, we think we’ve learned a thing or two about building brands for success. In mid 2004, we saw an opportunity in the market and so decided to go it alone.

We developed the world’s first truly premium and purse-worthy women’s personal care brand, Moxie, and launched it into major retail chains in Australia in 2005. Our products are now widely available throughout Europe, UAE, Taiwan, New Zealand and more recently, China, to name a few. We’ve also recently taken the brand online via Moxie Box Club, a carefully curated selection of customisable period and self-care boxes, conveniently delivered straight to your door.

We understand every part of the process, from conceptualisation to commercialisation. We look for viable gaps in markets, industries or categories that are ripe for disruption, and we develop clever ways to fill them. We do pretty much everything ourselves in house but have a superstar network of experts at the ready for when we need.

We understand that markets are tough and resources can be scarce, so we’ve learned how to compete on brand – it’s the one thing that, if done right, can’t easily be replicated or taken away from you. Without a strong brand and commercialisation strategy, it’s hard to insulate yourself from major competitors and new entrants. We’re firm believers that the brand maketh the business.

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